Container Gardens

Realtor Staging

Residential, Business & Indoor Office Maintenance

To ensure that your plants and container gardens thrive, we offer a maintenance program to safeguard your investment.  Our plant maintenance program offers deadheading, pruning as needed for size and shape control, appropriate fertilizer, evaluation of moisture levels in soil and water as needed.  We will also monitor for disease and insect issues. The ease of our maintenance programs allows you to always enjoy your beautiful unique garden without the pressures of upkeep. 

The Flowering Pot creates custom container gardens and provides maintenance for residential and business container gardens, specializing in custom outdoor living spaces that bloom year-round.  We offer container gardens in all shapes and sizes from small to large, multiple displays, window boxes and any vision you have and desire created.  Choose the look you would like to have and we will advise on growing season, lighting and plantings. Keep your front door, balcony, patio, and storefront looking beautiful all season. 

Planted garden combinations bring a feeling of natural beauty that will enhance the enjoyment of any space.  We will work together to create a nature inspired masterpiece to fit your space and budget.  We will work one-on-one with you to design and place each potted plant where it will flourish. To keep everything looking great, our optional Maintenance program will keep your potted plants healthy and looking their best. 

We have the perfect options for relators who need outdoor or indoor staging, creating the perfect visually enticing area.